Imagine. Believe. Achieve.

Inspiring youth leaders for more then 90 years, Duncan brings a world of possibility and potential to all ages! More than just a yo-yo show, our Imagine program is a motivational assembly combined with fun science concepts and hands-on skill building PE class activities.


How it Works

  • We empower youth leaders with key life skills like confidence, goal setting, creativity and positive thinking.
  • Our Yo-Yo Champion will lead your students through a yo-yo skill building activity!
  • We offer a science class activity that teachers can use to introduce students to concepts like gravity, friction, rotational intertia and the transfer of energy through the use of yo-yos.
  • Duncan provides the Imagine program for free when paired with a one-week yo-yo fundraiser with at least 100 students!
  • There’s no pressure to sell a certain amount of yo-yos, and students don’t need to buy anything to participate!
  • Your students will be inspired to continue learning yo-yo skills and possibly become the next yo-yo champion!
  • Everyone can participate in this special day!
  • Students can register online or via our “Duncan Toys” app to join our free trick learning and skill building club.
  • Students will have access to free instructional trick videos and even be able to earn cool badges as they build their skills!
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  • Interested in starting a program but don’t know where to start? Our fun and friendly staff will help you get off to the right start.