More Fun for Cub Scouts

Both Duncan and the Scouts leaders crafted the Yo-Yo Preview Adventure exclusively for the Cub Scouts. Our goal is to “Do Your Best. Have Fun Doing It”. The Preview Adventure enables Cub Scouts to earn a Belt loop or Adventure Pin to satisfy their requirements to move up to the next level.


Live Stream with a Pro

Do you want your kids to earn their belt loop? We will conduct a Live Cub Scout Yo-Yo Preview Adventure every Wednesday at 6 pm CT / 7 pm ET for a stream with Duncan Yo-Yo Pro Christopher Chunn via Facebook Live! Check the link below for more information.

How it Works


Duncan’s exciting Yo-Yo Preview Adventure gives Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Scouts the opportunity to learn how yo-yos and pendulums work, as well as basic yo-yo tricks.


Follow step-by-step instruction videos from Duncan to help you deliver this adventure. Download the PDF here to learn how to conduct your Den Leader meeting.


Duncan helps feed Scouts’ curious minds! Older scouts learn about how pendulums work and how gravity and friction affects yo-yos. And they earn their Belt Loops and Adventure Pins!

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