Imagine. Believe. Achieve.

Inspiring youth leaders for more then 90 years, Duncan brings a world of possibility and potential to all ages! More than just a yo-yo show, our Imagine program is a motivational assembly combined with fun science concepts and hands-on skill building PE class activities.

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With schools closing due to the COVID-19 virus, we are making our summer professional development webinars available now!

Our webinars will train you how to teach and implement a yo-yo skill building unit in your classes and/or youth group for summer and fall semesters. Seats are limited, so sign up today!

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How it Works



Impacting the Future Generation

We empower youth leaders with key life skills like confidence, goal setting, creativity and positive thinking through a fun assembly presentation led by a World Yo-Yo Champion!

After the assembly, our Yo-Yo Champion will lead your students through a yo-yo skill building activity during their P.E. class time.

We also offer a science class activity that teachers can use to introduce students to concepts like gravity, friction, rotational intertia and the transfer of energy through the use of yo-yos.


How it Works

During the Imagine Program, students can either buy their own yo-yo to keep or simply borrow one for the day – everyone can participate in this special day!

Duncan provides the Imagine program for free when paired with a one-week yo-yo fundraiser with at least 100 students. There’s no pressure to sell a certain amount of yo-yos, and students don’t need to buy anything to participate! However, if your school doesn’t want participate in the yo-yo sale, Duncan offers fee-based options as well.

Program dates are scheduled based on the availability of our presenters in your area.


Supporting Youth Leaders with a Free Club

Yo-yoing is a fun new sport that you can take anywhere in your pocket or backpack! After our visit, your students will be inspired to continue learning yo-yo skills and possibly become the next yo-yo champion.

Duncan strives to offer a sport that any child can participate in and the opportunity to make new friends around the world. Students can register online or via our “Duncan Toys” app to join our free trick learning and skill building club. They will have access to free instructional trick videos and even be able to earn cool badges as they build their skills!


Meet Our Yo-Yo Champion

Jennifer Baybrook, a World Yo-Yo Champion and highly acclaimed youth program presenter has performed and presented Yo-Yo programs throughout 15 countries and 32 states. At the age of 17, she became the first girl to win the World Yo-Yo Championship title.

Born and raised in Vermont, Jennifer’s yo-yo career began at the age of eight. Through years of practice, determination, and passion for excellence, Jennifer was quick to rise to be one of the top yo-yo players in the world and was recognized by the Vermont State Senate for being a positive role model to youth. Her story, an inspiration to both children and adults, is the tale of taking a different path in life that lead to a world of opportunity and the vision for our Imagine Program.

World Yo-Yo Champion Presenters

As the leading yo-yo company in the world, our team of yo-yo presenters is comprised of national and world level champions. From being honored by State Senates for their accomplishments to being featured on numerous TV shows and in over 200 print publications, our champions have personal success stories that inspire kids and adults alike!

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